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Diagram of Coke Production

The coke production process takes place in coke chambers. First, selected types of quality coking coals are mixed in a certain ratio in the coal charge, which is subsequently ground and then transported to coal towers. Charge from coal towers is taken by the stamping machine, where it is tamped into large coal prisms. This pressed coal block is inserted horizontally, using the so-called charging board, to the oven of the coke battery, where the block is heated without access of air by an indirect method (thermal pyrolysis) using heating walls of coke ovens. The required temperature of ca. 1,150°C is achieved in heating walls by burning technically pure coke-oven gas. The whole coal prism is gradually carbonised and converted into coke during the coking cycle, which takes from 32 to 34 hours. The final hot coke is extruded using the extrusion machine through a basket of the guiding car to the platform of the quenching car. The quenching car brings this coke under the quenching tower, where coke is cooled by water falling down by gravitation.
The quenched coke is discharged by the quenching car to the coke ramp, from which it is batched to the conveyor belt leading to the rough coke screening. Coke is screened here and foundry coke is loaded onto railway carriages or containers. Blast furnace coke and technological cokes are transported by conveyor belts (after passing the rough screening) to the fine coke screening, where it is sorted by grain size at vibration screening and final coke screening. Final coke types are loaded onto railway carriages, containers and shipped to customers.
A whole number of by-products is formed during coke production, which are significant raw materials for chemical industry. Coke-oven gas is captured during coking, from which the individual chemical products are separated (tar, benzol, amonium sulphate, solid sulphur).


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