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History of Coke Production in the World

17th century
The emergence of coke production dates back to the beginning of the industrial revolution, to the early years of the 17th century. Then, sir Henry Platt designed the procedure of processing coal, which was derived from then common pyrolysis of wood (its heating with limited access of air in charcoal heaps). At the beginning, the resulting product was used for heating or in some food processes (e.g. in the brewing industry), because this refined fuel did not produce fumes that would have destroyed the products.
At the beginning, coke was produced in primitive charcoal heaps.

18th century
In 1709, Abraham Darby found out that coke is an excellent reducing agent in iron production. Natural coal could not be used for this purpose besides others due to the fumes from burning. It was one of the key discoveries enabling the beginning of the industrial revolution – this procedure reduced the cost of iron and steel production. Primitive charcoal heaps were gradually replaced by furnaces of various constructions.

19th century
Coke production in the Ostrava region started to develop from the 1840s. In 1892, the Ignát coke plant, later Jan Šverma, emerged, which is today part of OKK Koksovny, a.s.
20th century
In 1940, the basic prototype of modern coking furnaces was developed. The furnaces were approximately 12 m long, 4 m high, 0.5 m wide, furnished with doors at both sides. Inlet of air was preheated by hot outlet fumes. Recuperation of the waste heat enabled higher temperatures and increased the carbonising rate. Since 1940, the process has been mechanised and construction materials have improved. The present systems may include ovens with dimensions of as much as 20 m long and 8 m high.

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