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Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection Policy of 21 May 2018


Dear Client,


We would like to inform you, how we in the  OKK Koksovny, a.s. Company (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “our company”) process your personal data in connection with our business activities.


Scope of this document is to provide you information about, in particular, how do we collect and handle your personal data, where do we receive them from, to whom we may provide it, who can get information regarding your personal data, as well as information regarding your individual rights in privacy protection area. While processing personal data we proceed in line with generally binding legal regulations and data are always processed only in the extent depending on specific service and/or processing purpose.


Please review content hereto and we are always available to answer any questions you may have in our headquarters at Koksární ulice 1112, 702 24 Ostrava – Přívoz, through email and/or by phone at + 420 596 133 428..


Available for you is also our Privacy Protection Officer, Ms. Ing. Jana Zimová, email: , phone + 420 224 492 243.



General information


Due to its business activities, our company shall process certain personal data, in particular to meet its legal and contractual liabilities. In this regard, without providing your personal data we would not be able to provide you products/services at all.


Furthermore, we also process personal data beyond our obligations, namely for the purpose of job offerings or other contact with you. For this purpose we need your consent.


I.1.      Personal Data Processing Principles


While processing your personal data we keep and respect the most stringent possible privacy protection standards and follow, in particular the following principles:



Personal Data Processing Information


II.1.     Information on Controller


We, i.e. OKK Koksovny, a.s., having its registered seat at Koksární ulice 1112, 702 24 Ostrava – Přívoz,  Company Identification Number (IČ) 47675829, registered in the Commercial Register held by the Municipal court in Ostrava under File No. B 740, are Controller of your personal data.


II.2.     Processing purposes and legal basis of processing


II.2.1.  Processing your personal data without your consent


These usually refers to situations, when you have to provide us certain personal data as condition for us to be able to provide you our product/service, or cases, when we are entitled to process your personal data acquired otherwise.




This refers mostly to actual fulfillment of contractual relationship or any other performance of the contract between our company and you. Personal data are needed, amongst other things, to make it possible to fulfill the contractual relationship without inadequate legal risks, including negotiations on execution or change of the contract with you;



This refers in particular to situations when contractual/customer relationship exists between you and our company.


II.2.2.  Processing your personal data with your consent


This usually refers to situations, when you voluntarily consent with our processing of your personal data. Based on your consent, our company processes your personal data for the below mentioned purposes:



II.3.     Scope of processed clients’ personal data


Our company processes your personal data in the extent necessary to meet below mentioned purposes. We process contact details (contact addresses, phone numbers, email and fax addresses or other similar contact details) and identification data (name, surname, date of birth, permanent residence address, type, number and validity of personal ID; in the case of client - natural person - entrepreneur, also Company Identification Number (IČ) and Tax Identification Number (DIČ), as well as CCTV records.


II.4.     Personal Data Processing Methods


Method used by us to process your personal data includes both manual and automated processing in IT systems of our company as well as in physical form.


Your personal data are mostly processed by employees of our company and, in extent necessary, also third persons. Before disclosing any of your personal data to a third person, we always execute a written agreement with such person including the same guarantees for personal data processing arising from legal obligations implemented also by our company itself.


II.5.     Personal Data recipients


Personal data of our clients will be disclosed in particular to employees of our company in connection with fulfillment of their job duties for which it is necessary to handle clients’ personal data, however only in the extent necessary for each specific case and while fulfilling any and all security measures.


Beside this, your personal data are also provided to third persons participating on processing of personal data of our company’s clients, or such personal data may be disclosed to them for other reasons arising from the law.


Such data are usually disclosed to:



Prior to disclosing any of your personal data to a third person, we always execute a written agreement with such person drafted by us in the way to include the same guarantees for personal data processing arising from legal obligations implemented also by our company itself.


II.7.     Transfer of personal data abroad


Your personal data shall be processes in the territory of the Czech Republic, and shall not be transferred to any other country outside the European Union.


II.8.     Personal Data Processing Term


Clients’ personal data are processed by our company only for the term necessary for the purpose of their processing. We continuously review continuation of processing of personal data for each specific purpose. If we establish, that they are no more necessary for any of original processing purposes, we dispose such data. However, internally we assumed usual time of use of personal data for certain processing purposes, after elapse of which we carefully consider the need of processing such data for specific purpose. In this context it applies that personal data processed for the purpose of:



II.9.     Consent withdrawal right


In this notification we informed you of reasons for which we need your personal data, as well as the fact that for some purposes, we only can process your personal data based on your consent. You are not obligated to grant consent with personal data processing and, at the same time, you are entitled to withdraw such consent anytime. We would like to remind you that we may be entitled to process some of your personal data also without your consent. If you withdraw your consent in such a case, we terminate processing your personal data for purposes requiring respective consent, however we may still be entitled or even obligated to process the very same personal data for other purposes.


In the case you wish to withdraw your consent with personal data processing, please contact us on address of our seat at Koksární ulice 1112, 702 24 Ostrava – Přívoz or at email address


II.10.   Personal Data resources


We get clients’ personal data in particular:



II.11.   Your rights in connection with our personal data processing


Any and all your rights you can enforce at our seat at Koksární ulice 1112, 702 24 Ostrava – Přívoz or by sending email to the address At the same time you are entitled to file a complaint by Controlling Body being the Office for Protection of Personal Data (


II.11.1.            Access right means that you may ask us anytime to provide you confirmation that your personal data are or are not processed and if so, for which purposes, to whom they are disclosed, for how long shall we process such data, if you have right for rectification, cancellation, limitation of processing or raise objection, information on where did we get your data from and if based on your personal data processing any automatic decision making is made, including any profiling. You shall also have the right to receive a copy of your personal data whereas the first provision is free, and we may ask for reimbursement of administrative costs for any further provisions.


II.11.2.            Rectification right means that you may ask us anytime to rectify or amend your personal data if they prove inaccurate or incomplete.


II.11.3.            Cancellation right means that we shall cancel your personal data if (i) they are no more necessary for purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, (ii) processing is illegal, (iii) you raise your objection against processing and if there are no prevailing legitimate reasons for processing, or (iv) we are obligated to do so based on law.


II.11.4.            Right to limit processing means that if we fail to resolve any disputable issues regarding processing of your personal data, we shall limit processing of your personal data, or, the case may be, we may use them to determine, enforcement, or defense of legal claims.


II.11.5.            Rights to raise objection means that you may raise objection against processing of your personal data we process for direct marketing purposes or based on legitimate interest. If you raise objection against direct marketing purposes processing, your personal data shall no more be processed for this purpose.


Final provisions


III.1.   This notification is issued for indefinite period of time and shall become effective on 1 June 2018.


III.2.   We are entitled to amend this notification anytime by issuing its new full wording; its applicable wording shall be published on our company’s website. At the same time, they shall be available at our seat.


III.3.   Unless expressively stipulated otherwise, any information herein shall also apply to processing of personal data of potential clients, i.e. persons we still did not conclude any contractual relationship but with whom we are already in contact. Information provided herein shall apply accordingly also to processing of personal data of other persons which whom our company is in direct contact without having any contractual relationship with them (e.g. legal entities’ representatives).


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